Kingrain Metal, Inc.  is one of the leading suppliers mainly for metal castings and forgings in P. R. China. Its mission is to provide what the customers want, on time, on budget and with zero call back. It has the ability of design, technology, quality control and marketing development and has exported its products to many European countries directly or through the third part for many years. Its two foundries have quality control system and passed ISO9002 certificate except that one will apply for ISO9002 certificate. Inspection and quality control are thoroughly done to comply with the customer’s requirements reliably and consistently. Its main products, from hand moulding and advanced moulding line,  are as followings:

Cast iron wheel hub & case body typed castings and other auto parts made by an automatic moulding line.


Air impacted automatic moulding  line ( Flasks' size: 800 x  650 x 300/300 mm) mainly used for cast iron wheel hub & case typed castings and other auto parts.

           Magnetic powder flaw detector


                       Main Products