Air impacted automatic moulding line, flasks' size: 800 x 650 x 300/300 mm,     used for iron castings. Moulding 60 boxes /per hour.

                                      Spectrum analyzer

                     Brief Introduction of One  Foundry

It established in 1958,  is one of top ranking 26 special foundries in China, and  is far away from Beijing around 800 km. It owns fixed assets of 5 million USD, covers a land of 150,000 m2 and is staffed with more than 800 employees, of which 150 are professional technicians. Various of castings are directly exported to U.S.A, Germany, Sweden and Japan, etc. Its main equipment is as following:

1.Melting Equipment:

  Casting Steel: 5-ton/hour electric-arc furnace, 2 sets;

  1.5-ton/hour electric-arc furnace, 1 set;

  500kg/hour medium frequency induction furnace, 1 set.

  Casting Iron: 5 ton/hour cupola ,  2 sets;

  7 ton medium frequency induction holding furnace,2 set;

  3 ton/hour cupola, 1 set;


2.Moulding and core making methods:

Air impacted machine automatic moulding line :Size of  flasks: 800 x 650 x 300/300 mm, productivity: 60 boxes per hour ( mainly used for production of cast iron wheel hub & case typed castings and other auto parts), 1 set .

Z145 molding machine flasks size: 500 x  400 x 200 mm,  2 sets,30 molds/hour.

Z148 molding machine flasks size: 800 x  600 x  250 mm,  2 sets,30 molds/hour.

Manual (Hand) Moulding

Z8025 core shooter, 1 set;

K87 core shell machine, 2 sets;

S202A bowl-type muller, 2 sets, 30 kg at a time;

S2818B mobile resin bonded sand muller, 1 set;

Moulding sand: clay bearing sand, cold-setting silicate binder sand, resin sand,


3.Cleaning Equipment:

5T revolving stage blasting machine, 1 set, max. cleaning weight: 5T.

Shot blasting machine, 1 set, max. cleaning weight: 3T.

Cleaning barrel 3 sets, max. cleaning weight: 15 kg.

Hook shoot blasting cleaning chamber 1 set, max. cleaning weight: 0.5T, 15 hanger per hour.

4.Heat Treatment Equipment:

Q1.5 m3 coal gas generating furnace, 2 sets;

30T coal gas normalizing & annealing furnace, 1 set;

5T high temperature quenching furnace, 1 set;


5.Inspecting Equipment:

E983C/27 spectrum analyzer made by Hilger Britain (1 set ), WE-30 30T hydraulic universal testing machine (1 set), JB-30 impact tester (1 set), HR-150A hardness tester (1 set), HB-3000 hardness tester (1 set), XJI-01 metalloscope (1 set), XJI-02 metalloscope (1 set), GTY-200-20 x-ray flaw detector (1 set), TYS-300 fluorescence flaw detector (1 set),  WT-200T ultrasonic flaw detector (1 set),  1605 type portable x-ray detector (1 set).


6.Machining Equipment:

Y31125A(E) gear-hobbing machine (5 sets), FWX 1250/3 gear-hobbing machine (1 set), YFO-10 gear-hobbing machine (1 set), YN31125 gear-hobbing machine (1 set), YN31125 gear-hobbing machine (1 set), WIY3J gear-hobbing machine (1 set), T6216 face boring machine (1 set), C5112A vertical lathe (2 sets), C5225 vertical lathe (1 set), C5116 vertical lathe (2 sets), XK738 numerical control muller (1 set), B5050K slotter (1 set), BQ2020 double housing planer (1 set), M1450 universal grinder (2 sets), CW6110A lathe (3 sets), C630 lathe (3 sets).



A. Material: carbon steel, low alloy, high alloy steel, high manganese steel, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, alloy cast iron.

  1. Castings and products: Oil machinery parts, Architecture machine parts, Cast steel Track Shoes and linings, Cast iron auto parts, Cast iron high chromium linings, Furnace parts,  cast steel parts used in road roller, fork-lift truck, die-casting machine, etc.



  1. Casting iron: actual productivity output: 700 - 800 tons per month.
  2. max. productivity capacity: 1,000 tons per month.

  3. Casting steel: actual productivity output: 600 - 700 tons per month.
  4. max. productivity capacity: 900 tons per month.

  5. Casting weight: from 1 kg to 18 tons/piece.